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Saturday, March 10, 2012

As long as they're happy...

So, I have to admit...my first wedding cake was definitely a challenge...especially since the happy couple requested cream cheese frosting. It may taste great, but it is awfully difficult to decorate with and it melts and smooshes so much quicker than regular butter cream. In any case, this was the task at hand and I did it because I love my friend. Here is how the first step looked:

The crumb coat is always the ugliest, but it makes the rest of the frosting glide on easier. For better or for worse, here is how the second step turned out:
TJ helped me out by researching ways to help smooth out the surface after the frosting has been applied. It worked for the most part, but this girl needs to purchase some better tools. After this had time to harden, I added the "final touch" to the cake. Blue ribbon. Originally, I wanted to use my wide piping tip, but it seemed too big and I didn't want half the cake to be blue.
The bride wanted a simple design with not too many designs, so I listened. At the last minute, there was no cake topper, but thankfully, the wedding planner [like any good wedding planner] came up with some nifty last-minute touches. Extra flowers to the rescue! Here is the final product.

Overall, it turned out okay--tasted great! I have learned some to-dos and not-to-dos during this experience, and I'll only get better with time. I had a great time at my friend's wedding, and I know she was happy to have me make her cake. Love you, Mrs. F.!