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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ugly is Sweet

I'm going bananas! Well, because I purchased over 3 big bunches of them last night at the grocery store. I'm getting them super ripe for the big wedding cake that is due March 10. Really, it's got to be completed March 9 so that I can assemble it on-site Saturday morning.

When you eat a banana, you like the ones that are generally nice and yellow, no green spots, and very few brown spots. This is an awful banana to be used for baking. The ugly, overripe brown ones are going to be the sweetest and the softest for your batter. Embrace the ugly ones--you'll have a better tasting cake.

*UPDATE: My cake boards, dowels, big piping tip, and dowels came in the mail today! All is good. On another note, the wedding planner emailed me. I feel all professional and stuff, lol. This is looking up and I am so looking forward to the wedding day. GO BANANA CAKE!

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